Student Citizenship Award

Student Citizenship Award

KSD Board Chair Sinclair Presents Student Citizenship Award

Kelsey School Division is pleased to award Kain Ballantyne its Citizenship Award for 2022/23.

Kain Ballantyne attends grade 5 at Kelsey Community School. He has shown extraordinary commitment to his school and community, as evidenced by his active and ongoing involvement in various local groups and causes.  These include The Pas 4H Club, The Pas Roadrunners, Metis Fiddlers and The Pas Friendship Center.

Kain regularly displays incredible empathy and kindness, which can be seen in his efforts to assist the less fortunate or participate in community events like the Walks for Kendra Ballantyne.  His positive attitude is contagious and encouraging to others.

2023 Student Citizenship Awards


 The Manitoba School Boards Association Student Citizenship Awards program for public school students in Manitoba recognizes outstanding young people throughout Manitoba who are active participants in their communities and schools. These Awards recognize students from Manitoba schools who demonstrate their commitment to the values of citizenship through activities such as:

  • Volunteer service to the community (i.e. service to health care facilities, senior citizen groups, shelters, day care centres)
  • Involvement in citizenship or character building organizations
  • Participation in student government programs or activities
  • Leadership ability to motivate others to actions to benefit the community