The Board authorizes the School Division Administration to close schools and cancel bus routes in the event of hazardous weather, or other emergencies, which present threats to the safety of students, school staff members, or school property. Policy EBCA

Extreme Cold Days - Bus Transportation cancelled but schools remain open

Kelsey School Division buses will not run at temperatures in excess of -45° Celsius, as defined by Environment Canada (The Pas Airport). The decision as to whether to operate the buses for the whole day will be made at 6:00 am by the Director of Transportation. Parents/Guardians may choose to keep their child(ren) home or transport them to school. (Students will not be marked absent.)

Closing of all schools in the School Division. This would usually occur because of very severe weather conditions. The decision to close will be made by the School Division Administration who will also set into motion any required action such as notifying local radio stations and the transportation supervisor, etc. In all cases of school closings, all members of the Board of Trustees will be notified at the earliest possible time of the action taken. 

Parental Discretion. With a wind chill at/or in excess of -45° Celsius, as defined by Environment Canada, parents at their discretion may advise their child’s school that their child will stay home, and attendance will be excused.              

Closing of a building (buildings) because of hazardous conditions within the building. This type of emergency may require the evacuation of the building. In this case, the principal (or designate) will evacuate the building, call the appropriate officials (fire, police, etc.), and notify the School Division Administration of actions taken. Proper procedures for transportation will be instituted by School Division Administration working in conjunction with the principal.

Closing of a building (or buildings) because of hazardous conditions (weather, water-main break, etc.) which do not require an evacuation. In this instance, the decision to close will be made by the School Division Administration, in consultation with the principal if possible. The School Division Administration would then take the necessary steps to see that proper notice of school closure is given to the local radio stations, (notice will also be posted on the KSD website) and that the student transportation system is notified of required changes.