General School Registration

Student Registration Requirements 

 All families registering within the Division must bring the following required documents to verify legal names(s) and date of birth to the school as part of the registration process. Applications cannot be processed without these documents.

  • Birth certificate, 
  • Passport
  • Status or MB Health Card

Proof of residency will also be required at the time of registration, you must provide the school with documentation that verifies this information.  One of the following documents may be used: 

  • Custodial Parent’s Driver’s Licence
  • Rental agreement
  • property assessment

Additional Forms that may be required:

  • Custody/Guardianship documents 
  • URIS form must be completed if there are any serious medical/health conditions 


Kindergarten Registration

Only children, whose fifth birthday falls on or before December 31, 2019 may enter kindergarten in September of 2024.

Kindergarten Programs:

  • Full Day/ Alternate Day English: students attend every second day for the full day
  • Full Day/Alternate Day French Immersion: Students who attend every second day for the full day and receive 100% of their instruction in the French language.

Orientation Program: Annually, during the first and second week of September, Kindergarten students are invited to come for an Orientation Visit at the school they will be attending. A letter will be sent to parents in August with a specific appointment time in September.  Parent & child will meet the teacher and visit the classroom. This initial contact is an enjoyable way to begin the school year and develop important relationship between parent(s), child and teacher. 

Staggered Entrance Program: After orientation, small groups of children will be schedules for class. Regular classes begin once the small group schedule is complete. Staggered Entrance helps children form a relationship with the teacher and a few classmates while getting used to routines, before the whole class meets for the first time. The class as a whole will meet on a regular schedule towards the end of September.