December 13, 2021 - Early Dismissal - All Schools
  • Budget Information 2020 – 2021

    MEDIA RELEASE – Kelsey School Division Budget 2020 – 2021

  • COVID-19 Actions in Kelsey School Division

    MEDIA RELEASE  re COVID-19 Actions in KSD

  • Thank you to all employees of Kelsey School Division for all your hard work and understanding as we work through this difficult time.



    COVID-19 is here, and we all have a role in defeating it. Learn and use the 3Ps: Protect yourself, Protect loved ones, and Protect our community, by going to Please share with your friends and family. WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER, MANITOBA.

  • COVID-19

    Information on the KSD response to Covid-19 can be found via the "Covid-19" link above. It will be regularly updated as changes occur.

  • MBCI Students Attend “Educating for ACTion” Conference

    MBCI Students Attend “Educating for ACTion” Conference

    Three MBCI students were among more than a hundred from across the province who recently attended a major education conference ("Educating for ACTion") in Winnipeg. The students and others from the education community heard major speakers from across Canada, and participated in several workshops on the topic of student engagement, student voice, and enrichment programming.

  • Public Budget

    Thank you to the representatives of the Town of The Pas, the Rural Municipality of Kelsey, and citizens of Kelsey School Division for their input at the public budget meeting on January 22.¬† The Power Point presentations are available for […]

  • MSBA Supports Local School Boards

    The following link brings you to a video created by the Manitoba School Boards.

  • Manitoba School Boards Association

    The Manitoba School Boards Association has developed factual information about school taxes that all tax payers should be aware of.

  • Trustees Attend Fall MSBA Meeting

    Trustees Attend Fall MSBA Meeting

    Trustees Sharain Jones, Edith Sexsmith and Vaughn Wadelius attended the Manitoba School Boards Association Fall general meeting on November 22-23. Three regional resolutions proposed by the KSD delegates were accepted unanimously for discussion at the MSBA annual convention in March. The several sessions attended by the trustees included topics on the dangers of vaping and methamphetamine use, the loss of school board taxing authority, leadership for student learning, social media and education, and risk management best practices.