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If you have any questions about the highlights or other business of the Division, please contact one of the Trustees or the Division office. The numbers are posted for your convenience.

Board Meeting Highlights – April 25, 2022

Secretary Treasurer Report

Planning for the replacement of two outdated data processing systems currently used by the School Division are underway.  Various Manitoba Education reports are coming due.

Trustee Reduction

Manitoba Education has not yet responded to the KSD Board’s request to allow amalgamation of Ward 2 and Ward 3, and to reduce the new Ward 2 and Ward 1 by one trustee each.  To accommodate the reduction of the Board to five members that occurred recently, the responsibilities of the Community Liaison Committee have been assumed by the Board.  The Building and Maintenance Committee has only one meeting planned for the rest of the school year.

Trustee Recruitment

The KSD Board and the Manitoba School Boards Association recruitment campaign for the 2022 October 26 election will have information via the school division and school websites on the trustee role and two opportunities (May 4 and 11) for interested persons to participate in webinars and Q&A sessions organized by MSBA publicized.  No registration is required.  The nomination period for trusteeship opens September 14 and closes September 20.


Various retirements of staff at the KSD office in the next few weeks have initiated a search for replacement.  It also provides an opportunity to consider updates to the staffing configuration.

Transportation Committee

A new 71 passenger school bus has been ordered and should arrive by October.  The bus and a used replacement maintenance vehicle had been budgeted for in 2022-23.  Advertising for a garage mechanic is underway.  School road and field trips are back on.

Education Liaison Committee

A meeting was held with École Scott Bateman Middle School administration.  Discussion focused on literacy and numeracy issues due to the pandemic induced academic lags.  A professional development focus on Indigenous and student wellness issues is being encouraged.  In person learning has returned, with a hybrid model still used by some students, and behavioural supports are being worked on.  Student clubs have returned.

Liaison Rep Reports

A report on the various activities at Kelsey Community School included a return to school clubs, and plans for a Spring Talent Show, a Book Fair and a Family Picnic are underway.  MBCI student liaison rep Josh Santolaja reported on the badminton team zone participation in Thompson, that Isaac Tomchuk placed 2nd in JV and will be heading to the provincials. Darcy Hanchuk and Saman Mirza-Agha received a Boys AA Coach of the Year award from Basketball Manitoba.  Students will be fundraising for the sports team travel and to support humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

2022-2023 School Calendar

A draft of the proposed 2022-23 school calendar was shared.  Suggestions were made for consideration before it is finalized.

Get the Facts

Parents and community members are advised to contact school administration or KSD senior officials directly if they have questions regarding education issues of interest to them.  Social media statements are too often without merit or are not factual.