Superintendent’s Report
-Enrolment for the current year has increased slightly over last year.
-OEA has invited KSD teachers to attend its upcoming professional development sessions.
-Thrival Kits to foster positive mental health, developed in cooperation with the Canadian Mental Health Association, are being used in Grades 4-5.
-Administrators and staff are participating in PD on Indigenous Learning, Leadership and Literacy.
-Teachers will be participating in the upcoming SAGE conferences.
-KSD has been selected to participate in a rural French Immersion research project being conducted by Université de St. Boniface.
-Additional financial support has been received through Jordan’s Principle which will allow for hiring an additional EA at Mary Duncan School.
-Discussions on a new province wide student information system are underway.
-The agreement for KSD students to access industrial arts courses at UCN is being developed.

Board Chair Report
Zoom meetings for Manitoba Board chairs with MSBA officials will continue and participation by KSD trustee representative is essential.

Secretary-Treasurer’s Report
Work on the installation of new software continues, and additional teacher training in Power School is planned.  The library software change is a bit more challenging.

Trustee Elections
As a result of three acclamations and four appointments, the trustees for 2022-26 are:
Ward 1 (The Pas): Chris Keller, Linda Michelle, Cheryl Sinclair, Lorie Stevenson, Melanie Young
Ward 2 (Carrot Valley): Louise Loewen
Ward 3 (Rall’s Island/Wanless):  Travis Hallgrimson

Board Committees
The committees of new trustees have yet to be formed. Outgoing committee chairs who have recommendations to make may pass them on to the Secretary-Treasurer.  It was noted that the new five-year strategic plan should be considered when developing committee goals for the future.

MBCI Youth Representative
The appointment has yet to be completed.

Next Meetings
In person trustee participation will return to the MSBA Fall new trustee sessions and general meeting on December 1-2, however the Regional meeting component which includes the election of the Regional Director can be attended by zoom.  The March 13-15 Annual General Meeting will be back to its original format and held in Winnipeg.

The Board Chair thanked the trustees for the efforts and support during the last four challenging years.

(To view Board Minutes, please go to the Information Link).