Schools are suspended indefinitely.




Board Meeting Agenda –  May 11, 2020

If you have any questions about the highlights or other business of the Division, please contact one of the Trustees or the Division office. The numbers are posted for your convenience.

Board Meeting Highlights May 11, 2020

Superintendent Report

-Daily meetings with the government continue.  Topics include concern for remote learning non-participating students, issues for reopening schools later on, limits of school gatherings for events like grad, etc.

-The Chief Public Health Officer of Manitoba has issued guidelines for public schools to inform the public of play structures and playgrounds located on school property.  Playgrounds and structures are “low risk” re Covid-19 transmission, but caution is advised re social distancing, and washing hands after use.  Signs have been posted at the KSD’s school sites.

-Staff, parents and students are all working hard

Buildings and Maintenance Committee

The Kelsey School Division Board of Trustees approved the Capital Requests Summary for 2021/22 to 2025/26.

Appointment of Superintendent/CEO of Kelsey School Division

The Kelsey School Division was authorized by Manitoba Education on April 30 to proceed with selecting a Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer.  The Board of Trustees proceeded with its interviewing of some of the candidates that had applied in January.  The decision to appoint a Superintendent/CEO of the Kelsey School Division for the 2020/2021 school year was concluded.  A media announcement about this will be forthcoming.

Video-Conferencing of Board Meetings

Board meetings continue to be held with a combination of utilization of video meetings technology and limited in-person attendance at the board office.

(To view Board Minutes, please go to the Information Link).

Vaughn Wadelius, Chairperson

Kerri Huculak, Vice-Chairperson

Jennifer Olinyk

Amy Hopper

Sharain Jones

Trevor Yahnke

Edith Sexsmith

Julia McKay, Superintendent

Jeannette Freese, Secretary Treasurer