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Board Meeting Agenda –  January 11, 2021

If you have any questions about the highlights or other business of the Division, please contact one of the Trustees or the Division office. The numbers are posted for your convenience.

Board Meeting Highlights – January 11, 2021

The KSD Board continues to meet via videoconferencing in order to comply with COVID-19 procedures.


The Board invited KTA President Val Berscheid to provide the view of some teachers of their efforts in continuing to cope with the various changes in Covid-19 education requirements.  The challenges continue and the Board noted these stressful conditions while applauding the continued dedication of school staff in trying to meet student learning needs.  With a mix of school based and at home learning now directed by Manitoba Education, teachers are having to develop home learning packages but are frustrated when these are not completed or returned for assessment.  Parents are encouraged to take an active role in supporting this aspect of their children’s required learning.  While Manitoba education has announced the opening of a provincial Remote Learning Support Centre, its usefulness to local teachers has yet to be determined.

Superintendent’s Report

-Schools are working hard to ensure safety and learning.  Parents must ensure communication with schools to advise when absent students for lengthy periods are returning so adequate space, planning, resources, etc. are ready for them.

-From January 4-15 students in Grades 7-12 are involved in remote learning with their teachers, based on their established timetables.  In person/classroom learning is set to resume January 18th.  Students in these grade levels who are at risk, have special needs or require other supports (such as access to technology) can be accommodated in the school, and plans should already have made plans with the schools.

Public Budget Meeting

Usually in January school boards hold public meetings to review the various budget requests for the new 2021-22 budgets.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions this practice has had to be adjusted to comply.

KSD will be advising local interest groups and the public that the usual draft documents presented will be available for review on the Division website and a dedicated email address will be available for specific comments and suggestions for the Board consideration.

Secretary-Treasurer Search

A replacement search for a Secretary-Treasurer, a required position by law, continues.  In the interim the Board had to authorize measures in order that required tasks be done until the position is filled.  The Superintendent has also been named Secretary-Treasurer to meet our legal requirements, and the immediate required tasks of developing the proposed 2021-22 school division budget will be contracted out.  In addition, various other required tasks of this position have had to be reallocated to other division office staff until the position is filled.  The Board is grateful for their assistance.

Term Limits Appealed

The government announcement last year restricting new senior management positions to terms ending in June 2021 has made our hiring very problematic.  The Board had appealed this limit since October 2020 as some southern divisions have been successful in getting an extension to facilitate their hiring.  While we remain hopeful for a response, until then our situation is precarious.

Bill 64-Education Modernization Act

Adding to the apprehension and stress of teachers and school boards are the unknown details of Bill 64.  The release of this bill (with just a title and no documentation ) was expected to address the recommendations of the K-12 education review, which release also has been delayed due to the coping efforts of the education system due to Covid-19.  All are working hard to cope.

(To view Board Minutes, please go to the Information Link).

Vaughn Wadelius, Chairperson

Kerri Huculak, Vice-Chairperson

Jennifer Olinyk

Amy Hopper

Sharain Jones

Trevor Yahnke

Edith Sexsmith

Selena Mell, Superintendent/Secretary Treasurer