Friday, October 7th - Early Dismissal


Superintendent’s Report

Superintendent Robinson reported on several initiatives being undertaken.  These included the rollout of mandated Respect in School and Respect in Sport training programs for all staff, organizing the priority for students’ speech language support, and training in social emotional learning with a focus on prevention for elementary schools.

He noted that funding for literacy and numeracy coaching of students has been received and a teaching position is being advertised.

Ways to improve the availability and recruitment of substitute teachers are being considered as there continues to be a major shortage.

The required process for volunteer recruitment is being addressed.

Copyright Act and Fair Dealing guidelines have been distributed to schools.

Video Conference software (CISCO Systems) is to be installed at MBCI as a result of grants received and administered by the Northern French Consortium.

Board Chair Report

It will be useful for trustees to be updated on the ongoing development of the teacher provincial bargaining mechanism.  A presentation is under preparation by the Manitoba School Boards Association.  Zoom meetings for Manitoba Board chairs with MSBA officials continue.

Secretary-Treasurer’s Report

Progress with the installation of new software continues.  Deadlines for submission of audit and enrollment information are approaching.  Capital projects at Scott Bateman Middle School are ongoing.

Trustee Elections

Three candidates for seven positions submitted nomination papers by the deadline.  As there was no opposition, elected by acclamation were (Chris Keller, Linda Michelle and Lori Stevenson.)  The Public Schools Act now requires the current Board of Trustees to appoint individuals to the four remaining positions.

Education Liaison Committee

Trustee Jones advised that she has accepted a position with the Western Development Museum in North Battleford starting in November.  She was thanked for her dedication to her trustee responsibilities during her four-year term.

Policy Committee

Three new policies were approved by the Board.  They codified practices that had been used from time to time.  Six other policies were reaffirmed.

MBCI Youth Representative

A request for interested persons will be made so an appointment can be completed.

Date of Next Meeting

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the next (and final) meeting for the current Board will be October 17, 2022.