As was referenced by the Public Health Officer, school is not likely to resume April 13, 2020.




Board Meeting Agenda –  March 16, 2020

If you have any questions about the highlights or other business of the Division, please contact one of the Trustees or the Division office. The numbers are posted for your convenience.

Board Meeting Highlights March 16, 2020

Superintendent’s Report


Chairperson Wadelius discussed the impact of COVID-19 on Kelsey School Division.

A “COVID-19” information section has been added to the KSD website – information from Manitoba Education and other factual sources will be included and updated as available.

Policy Committee

The Board of Trustees approved the following revised Policy:

JEA- Entrance Age

The Board of Trustees reaffirmed the following Policies:

IH – Distributed Learning

JECBB – Admission of Students with Private School Standings

JFCBA – Internet Technology

JFCC – Student Conduct on School Buses

JHCD – Administering Medication to Students

JHCE – Anaphylaxis

JNA – School Fees

The Board of Trustees archived the following Policy, as this area is covered via a joint Kelsey School Division and Kelsey Recreation agreement.

KFC – Community Use of Grounds

Manitoba School Boards Association

The Trustees gave reports on the various sessions they attended at the MSBA professional development day held on March 12, 2020.

At the MSBA annual convention three resolutions, proposed by the Kelsey School Division Board of Trustees, were debated at the convention and all three were passed.






(To view Board Minutes, please go to the Information Link).

Vaughn Wadelius, Chairperson

Kerri Huculak, Vice-Chairperson

Jennifer Olinyk

Amy Hopper

Sharain Jones

Trevor Yahnke

Edith Sexsmith

Julia McKay, Superintendent

Jeannette Freese, Secretary Treasurer