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Board Meeting Agenda –  September 28, 2020

If you have any questions about the highlights or other business of the Division, please contact one of the Trustees or the Division office. The numbers are posted for your convenience.

Board Meeting Highlights September 28, 2020

Superintendent Report


The Superintendent noted the following:

The hard work of principals, teachers, support staff and others has helped make the school opening process as successful as it was.  They have faced tremendous pressure to be organized to accommodate or implement the new requirements.

Department of Education announcements continue on a regular basis and sometimes require more changes to the school system operation.  The school division will continue to communicate these updates to its schools, parents and the community at large.

Efforts continue in trying to attract specialist teachers to fill some positions that have been opened for at least two years.  In addition the search for substitute teachers is ongoing.


Information on the enrolment of students in each school, and the number and names of those opting for home schooling or remote learning options is being compiled.

Board Committees

The work of the Board’s seven committees has begun.  Committee tasks in this process include setting up the year’s meeting dates, reviewing committee policy terms of reference, and establishing goals for the 2020-21 school year.

Student Representative

There is a position for a high school student representative on the KSD Board of Trustees.  MBCI is in the process of identifying a suitable candidate for this role.  Participants learn about the organization and operation of a school board, meeting protocol, and may participate in discussions of interest to them, but do not take part in the in-camera portion of the meeting.

Retirement Announced

Mary Duncan Principal Louise Loewen has announced her decision to retire at the end of December.  She has been an employee of KSD since February 6, 1987.  The replacement process will be initiated as soon as possible.

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Vaughn Wadelius, Chairperson

Kerri Huculak, Vice-Chairperson

Jennifer Olinyk

Amy Hopper

Sharain Jones

Trevor Yahnke

Edith Sexsmith

Selena Mell, Superintendent

Jeannette Freese, Secretary Treasurer