September 30, 2021 - No School - All Schools - National Day for Truth and Reconciliation



If you have any questions about the highlights or other business of the Division, please contact one of the Trustees or the Division office. The numbers are posted for your convenience.

Board Meeting Highlights – September 13, 2021

Board Size Reduction
Prior to the release of Bill 64 which proposed to abolish Manitoba school boards, the KSD Board had reviewed the electorate ratio (voters/trustee) of its three wards and the changing student population. As a result, there was an agreement in principle to examine a proportional reduction in the size of the school board.  Now that Bill 64 has been withdrawn, the Board agreed to move forward with the review and procedure required by the Public Schools Act for a reduction.  If such a reduction seems feasible, it would not take place until the school board election in October 2022.

Wendy Cull Retirement
After 28 years of dedicated service to KSD, Wendy Cull’s retirement this month was recognized by the KSD administration and the Scott Bateman Middle School where she had been the Assistant Principal.

Return to School Protocol
Superintendent Mell reviewed the recent directives from Manitoba Education and public health on reopening of schools. The condition Yellow (Caution) mandated has some minor adjustments since June, with some positive aspects related to social distancing in school and bus loads. It was also noted that safety protocols regarding mask wearing, regular sanitizing, and access limits to schools were still in place. Food services have not resumed.

Once testing procedure details are fully outlined by provincial officials, this will be communicated. Superintendent Mell also noted that public health will begin offering Covid vaccine in many schools across the province, as well as pop up clinics after hours. Once further details are known, this will be provided to parents. The provincial government has indicated that parental consent for students under age 16 will be required.

Busing Access
Now that more rural students are now allowed on school buses, parents who transported their children to school during the last school year and want them on the school bus this year should advise the KSD office to ensure bus lists are accurate. There is no in-town busing provided.

Strategic Planning
Discussions have begun on the development of the new Strategic Plan for KSD.

Sep 30 – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
All schools are required by Manitoba Education to be closed on Thursday, September 30. There will be no change to the 6-day cycle schedule.

Protocol Clarification

The Board confirmed that expectations from the previous year will remain in place in regards to types of masks to be worn in the Division (medical or cloth). Food will not be brought into the school, similar to the previous year, until the school division is out of the Yellow (caution) phase.

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